Erena Connon

Communications Manager


Erena is the Communications Manager at Pac/West Strategies, where she leads comprehensive communication strategies for a diverse portfolio of clients. Renowned for her ability to craft content that aligns seamlessly with organizational goals, Erena excels in strategically engaging diverse audiences and fostering collaboration. Her analytical approach ensures that every marketing strategy not only meets business objectives but also captivates stakeholders, driving success across all platforms.

With more than a decade of experience in marketing and communications across the agriculture sector, franchise operations, and manufacturing, she is adept at developing and implementing robust communication plans and outreach strategies. Erena’s expertise has been instrumental in strengthening pivotal relationships within the U.S. potato industry through varied communication channels. Moreover, she has devised extensive digital strategies for a leading franchisor of automotive oil change centers, enhancing brand visibility and engagement to meet the diverse needs of automotive oil change operations nationwide.

Erena holds an M.S. in marketing from the University of Denver and a B.S. in management and marketing from Spring Hill College. Outside of her professional pursuits, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, capturing memories, and participating in improv classes.