At Pac/West Strategies, we often refer to ourselves as a political public relations firm. Regardless of the level of government—federal, state or local—or the issue at hand, our team of policy experts is well-versed in navigating complex political waters. Working outside the realm of lobbying, while always well-connected with lobby teams, we pursue diverse tactics beyond lobbying to help our clients achieve successful political outcomes.

Two overarching categories sum up the role Pac/West Strategies can play for you and your government affairs goals: complement your team or take the lead. Our team of well-connected, bi-partisan policy and political experts is accustomed to working together with clients, as well as leading the way. We are well-equipped and prepared to support your existing staff, or serve as your complete government affairs team, for your political aspirations at any level.

Whether it is relationship building with key government officials, passing a piece of legislation, addressing regulatory matters, or reversing harmful government actions, our bi-partisan team works with you to identify and address your pressing political needs and next steps to achieve the desired result.