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Driving a Ballot Reform Measure to Success

Yes on 129: Make it Simple, Arizona:

Driving a ballot reform measure to success


Proposition 129: Make it Simple, Arizona was a ballot measure in 2022 that aimed to ensure all future ballot measures in Arizona would consist of a single subject. Pac/West Strategies was retained by the Yes on 129 coalition to conduct public opinion polling, and subsequently build a marketing campaign to grow support for the proposition.

Multi-subject ballot measures can be used by lawmakers to bait voters into voting for policies which may be unpopular by packaging them into measures containing more favorable policies. A strong coalition led by Arizona Farm Bureau, Arizona Pork Council, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, and National Pork Producers Council, came together to run the yes campaign—Make it Simple, Arizona—to support Proposition 129.

Our Work

Pac/West Strategies worked to bring in a team uniquely suited to tackle the challenges of pushing a ballot measure over the finish line with less than three months of runway. In mid-September, a ballot measure committee was formed to advocate for the passage of Proposition 129.

Pac/West Strategies conducted public opinion research to establish a baseline of support and used those findings to inform the subsequent media outreach campaign. The campaign included the construction of media infrastructure (website, social media) and the execution of message dissemination (digital ad spends, broadcast media buys). From there, the campaign launched external infrastructure, including:

  • Flagship website for news and donations
  • Portfolio of social media accounts
  • Digital advertising campaigns
  • Broadcast media buys

The advertising campaign was managed by the Pac/West Strategies communications team, and all aspects of the project, from initial strategy to content creation to media buys, were completed in-house at Pac/West Strategies. The campaign proved successful, with Proposition 129 passing comfortably—55% Yes to 45% No.

Social media post for voter outreach

30 Sec Video Advertisement

Digital advertisement for voter outreach

Defeating a Harmful Tax Reform Ballot Measure

Know the Consequences: No on CI-121:

Defeating a harmful tax reform ballot measure


Know the Consequences: No on CI-121 was an opposition campaign formed in response to CI-121, a citizen-led ballot initiative aimed to cap property taxes for homeowners in Montana. While the intent of CI-121 was to reduce tax burdens on homeowners’, the impacts of such a policy would have had crippling effects on Montana’s economy for years to come.

The Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE) and Montana Association of REALTORS (MAR) anchored a coalition of organizations against CI-121 and retained Pac/West Strategies and its signature collection expert, Black Diamond Outreach (BDO), for oversight and implementation of the opposition campaign.

Our Work

Pac/West Strategies worked with stakeholders to incorporate ideas and align objectives to inform the development of the opposition campaign, which was coined Know the Consequences: No on CI-121. The coalition, led by Pac/West Strategies, moved quickly to erect campaign infrastructure and establish the campaign’s Executive and Steering Committees. Pac/West Strategies then deployed an action plan to prevent CI-121 from qualifying for the ballot, known as Phase 1: Decline to Sign, which consisted of:

  • Developing necessary communications tools, including a website and social media
  • Deploying robust multi-channel outreach campaign to Montanans about the dangers of CI-121
  • Tracking opposition activities towards qualifying CI-121 for the ballot
  • Forecasting strategy for potential Phase 2: Fall Campaign, if necessary

The success of the Phase 1 action plan was palpable. The coalition to oppose CI-121 grew, and public sentiment against the proposed measure followed suit. Deterred by the tremendous wave of public opposition, CI-121 proponents opted not to mobilize paid circulators. Their website and social media presence dropped off throughout the spring, and the signature collection deadline came and went without incident.

The Know the Consequences campaign declared victory in June prior to the November election, and CI-121 proponent Matthew Monforton admitted defeat shortly thereafter. By keeping CI-121 from qualifying for the ballot, Pac/West Strategies delivered a win ahead of schedule and saved the Know the Consequences Coalition hundreds of thousands in potential spending on a fall voter outreach campaign.

“Pac/West Strategies coordinated the most diverse Montana ballot issue campaign coalition in recent memory with careful thought and expertise. We selected Pac/West based on their background in keeping measures off the ballot and effectively coordinating coalitions of groups. Pac/West delivered on both ¬— in a big way. The Pac/West team went above and beyond to prove that they were the right choice to manage our campaign. They seamlessly coordinated all aspects of our fight — from social media and digital ads to radio spots, media relations and campaign planning and budgeting. We needed a team of pros — and they were just that.”

“From day one, Pac/West Strategies was professional, efficient, and aggressive in ensuring success for our campaign. They helped us engage organizations from across Montana to be part of the coalition against CI-121. They successfully developed and implemented a successful multi-faceted Decline to Sign campaign. This was no small feat considering the wide political spectrum of the coalition members, but the Pac/West Strategies team remained neutral leaders that everyone could trust.”

Front and back side of rack card

Social media post for CI-121 voter outreach

Digital advertisement

Creating Strong Positions for an Oil & Natural Gas Operator


Positioning a Small Oil & Natural Gas Operator


Bayswater Exploration & Production (Bayswater) is a Colorado-based oil and natural gas development company operating primarily in Colorado and Texas. Over the years, Pac/West Strategies’ role and work with the Bayswater team has grown to encompass strategic communications including public relations, media relations, website management crisis communications, and, most recently, managing the composition and launch of their inaugural Sustainability Report. Beyond strategic communications, our team also provides Bayswater with government affairs and stakeholder relations services, including policy analysis, elected official outreach, and community relations strategy.

Our Work

Bayswater is an industry leader in their commitment to sustainable energy production. Since 2016, our team has worked closely with Bayswater leadership to address their government affairs, strategic communications, and community outreach needs, ensuring their external communications and outreach activities effectively represent the exemplary work Bayswater does sustainably producing a domestic energy product.

Pac/West Strategies’ work with Bayswater initially began by providing government affairs expertise to assess and help Bayswater navigate the tumultuous political landscape. As our business relationship progressed, our team’s role with Bayswater has evolved to encompass their government affairs, strategic communications, and community outreach needs.

The first major external communications service provided by the Pac/West Strategies team was the development and management of a new company website. Since then, and working closely with Bayswater leadership, our team has designed and produced a suite of company collateral, assisted with press releases and placement of positive stories in local newspapers, crisis communications as needed, and, in 2021, managed the drafting, construction, and roll out of Bayswater’s inaugural Sustainability Report.

Aligned with our diverse external communications services, Pac/West Strategies also manages Bayswater’s community outreach efforts. Our team works with Bayswater to orchestrate meaningful engagement through diverse avenues with local stakeholders in the communities where Bayswater operates. We assisted with focusing Bayswater’s philanthropic efforts in the communities where they operate and/or causes their employees are passionate about, including launching a match program for Bayswater employees in 2021.

“During our time working together, Pac/West Strategies has become a valuable member of the Bayswater team as a strategic partner and versatile resource. Serving as our public and government affairs department, they provide us with an experienced perspective to our external communications and community outreach strategies, policy matters, and work on annual Sustainability Reports. Their team increased our brand visibility throughout Colorado and the communities in which we operate through strategically focused messaging efforts. Their team is a flexible resource that is always at the ready to assist with any need that may arise and simultaneously works to anticipate any future needs.”

Cover page of the Bayswater 2020 Sustainability Report. Please click here to read the full report.

Promotional video for Bayswater developed by the Pac/West Strategies team. Click here to visit the Bayswater website where the promo video is featured on the homepage.