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Increasing Awareness for the New Mexico Agriculture Industry

New Mexico Agriculture:

Increasing Awareness for the New Mexico Agriculture Industry


New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau (NMFLB) saw the need to increase awareness and favorability of agriculture in the state. They turned to Pac/West Strategies to develop and implement a statewide messaging program focused on increasing awareness and understanding of the New Mexico agriculture industry. To accomplish this, Pac/West Strategies successfully established the brand, New Mexico Agriculture, a statewide brand that captures their diverse agriculture network and strategically presents it to our target audience. It has since been sustained through proactive messaging, digital engagement, and targeted outreach.

The Campaign

From the beginning of the New Mexico Agriculture program, our aim has been to increase awareness among New Mexicans about their state’s agriculture industry. Through increased awareness and understanding of issues facing the industry, public support of agriculture has continued to increase among our target audience.

As with all our projects, New Mexico Agriculture began with research. Working closely with NMFLB leadership, Pac/West Strategies commissioned a public opinion survey that determined there was need for statewide broad-based messaging regarding New Mexico’s agriculture industry. Armed with information, including key messages on different aspects of the industry, the Pac/West Strategies team went to work and developed New Mexico Agriculture as the brand for a statewide, targeted comprehensive messaging program.

This program has been all-encompassing, primarily focusing on digital advertising through social media as well as targeted event outreach throughout the state. In addition, New Mexico Agriculture has a fully maintained, up-to-date website. Based on our success so far, the scope of work is expanding to include television advertising.

An ongoing public outreach and messaging campaign is a proven way to drive awareness and understanding on complex issues, such as agriculture. This sustained, multi-year messaging program has seen tremendous reach across New Mexico and continues to help shape a positive narrative around the local agriculture industry.

“Pac/West Strategies has led our effort for New Mexico Agriculture from the beginning. Their ability to manage a wide-reaching program to showcase the positive aspects of agriculture in New Mexico is a testament to their capability  to develop and implement a multi-faceted communications and outreach program.  We appreciate the work Pac/West Strategies has put into New Mexico Agriculture and the team achieving the success the program has seen to date.”

Graphic designed for New Mexico Agriculture social media engagement. Click here to see more.